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Stay in touch with those you care about, with enhanced privacy and security settings to ensure you are in control of your family photos.

  • Follow those you're a fan of, Connect with those you know.
  • Connection Lists for sharing with specific groups like friends or family.
  • Profile privacy settings.
  • Automatically screen connection requests to reduce spam.
  • Content you share on the platform is solely yours. It isn't used for advertising, to train AI, or any other hidden purposes.

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Get notified when friends and family post updates.

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Connect other accounts like Facebook Pages and Instagram Business/Creators, and quickly set up scheduled posts to be shared automatically in the future.

  • Free and unlimited scheduling.
  • Auto-select free days for fast scheduling.
  • Plan weeks of posts ahead of time.
  • Write posts with AI.

Landing Page for Artists.

Express your creative talents, with custom imagery, colors, and layouts for your profile page.

Add links to promote your portfolios, songs, Patreon, and more from one place.

Your artwork is yours, and we'll never use it to train AI.

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